What are the best days to post on tiktok? I have asked myself this many times when posting to my Tiktok account. There is a lot of information out there that doesn’t give a straight answer so I decided to do my own research.

In a nutshell, the best days to post on Tiktok are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that because it is not one size fits all. Different Tiktok accounts will have different best times to post. But on average, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday have the most potential for a post to reach the most people.

Although these are the best days to post on Tiktok, there’s a lot more to talk about and consider when it comes to posting on this social media platform. Here are a few more things that you should keep in mind as you embark on growing your Tiktok account.

Best Days To Post On Tiktok (Overview)

What Are The Most Popular Days To Post On TikTok?

The first thing that we should discuss is why is it so important to know what the popular days to post on Tiktok are.

Everyone who is on Tiktok (including myself) wants their content to go viral. In fact, one of the most common questions that I’ve seen get asked is ‘How do I go viral on Tiktok?’

Going viral on Tiktok can be an excellent marketing opportunity for your business and can lead to increased sales or new followers on your social media pages.

It can also mean that you get more affiliate marketing sales.

Knowing the best days to post on Tiktok gives you a better chance of getting more likes, comments, and followers. It can be the difference between getting 10 likes and 10,000 likes.

With that said, what are the most popular days to post on Tiktok?

When I first started using Tiktok, I experimented with various posting times. In the beginning, I posted three times a day, from Monday through Sunday. However, I quickly became exhausted.

I realized that I would not be able to keep up with this schedule, especially since I was working on other projects such as my blog. In my research to discover the best days to post on Tiktok, I found a YouTuber who suggested that you should start off by posting at least 20 times every day!

I was already struggling with three times a day so I didn’t even bother with this 😀

Since I couldn’t keep up with posting every day, I decided to post on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays which were the average recommended posting days and the results were like night and day!

I was getting twice as much engagement as I was before and my click-through rate was through the roof!

However, I decided to make a new Tiktok account and test out the best posting days since I realized that I couldn’t base my opinion on just one account.

It’s safe to say that things did not go as I expected!

Like before, I experimented with different posting days including only posting on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

However, unlike the previous account, I wasn’t getting much engagement on the recommended days. In fact, my most popular day was Sunday of all days.

After seeing this, I opened a third account, then a fourth, and a fifth. Each account was different.

What does this mean?

Well, it is almost impossible to give a universal best day to post on Tiktok.

Each of my Tiktok accounts was in a different niche ranging from cats to making money online. That’s why they varied in terms of engagement and the best day to post.

If you are new to Tiktok, do not just be content with posting on the recommended days highlighted in this article. Take the time to experiment with different days to see which works best for you.

It will get easier to determine the best days (and times) to post on your Tiktok account once you have enough activity to extract analytics.

In the meantime, try everything including posting on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (you may be surprised by the results)

Here is an image from Socialpilot detailing the best times to post on Tiktok:

Does TikTok Post Time Matter?

The answer to this question is yes, it does matter! TikTok posts time can be a huge influencer on your video’s performance. The number of views and likes you get will depend on the time you post your video.

One of the biggest mistakes that I made when I first started using Tiktok was posting at any time of the day. Whenever an idea struck me, I would hit record and post.

Although I was creating very high-quality videos I was getting close to zero engagement.

On the other hand, lower-quality videos with poor lighting and robot voices in my niche were getting more views and even appearing on the fyp. So what was the problem?

Well, it took me a while to discover that I was posting at times when my audience was NOT active on the platform.

On this particular account, my audience was largely based in the United Kingdom and Ireland. So I was posting at a time when my audience was asleep.

Ps: To discover the geolocation of my audience, I switched my account to a pro account (which is free and easy to do). Check this video by Howfinity to learn how:

Once I was able to access my accounts’ analytics, I knew where my audience was located and adjusted my posting schedule.

After this, I saw a huge boost in engagement on the account!

What Is The Right Time To Post On TikTok?

Influencermarketinghub conducted research on 100,000 posts to find the best posting times. The results are highlighted below:

DayPosting Time
Monday6 AM, 10 AM, 10 PM
Tuesday2 AM, 4 AM, 9 AM
Wednesday7 AM, 8 AM, 11 PM
Thursday9 AM, 12 AM, 7 PM
Friday 5 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM
Saturday11 AM, 7 PM, 8 PM
Sunday7 AM, 8 AM, 4 PM
Best posting times on Tiktok according to influencermarketinghub

As a new Tiktok user, I would recommend starting out by posting at the above times to see how it works for you.

Keep in mind that while these are, on average, the ideal times to post on Tiktok, that is not always the case.

This means that the best posting times will vary from one account to another.

As your account continues to grow, you will have enough analytics to determine which is the best time (and day) to post on your Tiktok account.

In the meantime, these times from influencermarketinghub will give you a solid headstart.

How To Find The Best Times and Days To Post On Tiktok

It’s very simple to find the best times and days to post on Tiktok.

1. The first step is to switch to a Pro account. You can watch the video above to learn step-by-step how to do it.

2. Once you’ve switched your account, you will have the option to view analytics under the settings

3. Next, explore your Analytics area. There are three tabs in TikTok’s analytics section: Overview, Content, and Followers.

You must first determine where your audience is located in order to determine when is the optimal time to post on TikTok.

Here is an example from Socialpilot:

best times to post on Tiktok
Source: Socialpilot

As you can see from this image, this account’s main audience comes from the United States and Australia.

Once you have this information, it becomes easy to get the best posting times rather than just guessing. Additionally, you can look at the content tab to determine what time and day you posted the pieces of content that are performing the best.

Having analytics makes your work much easier!

Best Time To Post On Tiktok

Here is a brief summary of the best time to post on TikTok on different days:

The Best Time To Post On TikTok on Sunday

The best time to post on Tiktok on Sunday is 7 AM, 8 AM, and 4 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).

This is because the majority of people are not at work and they are more likely to be checking their social media feeds.

The Best Time To Post On Tiktok On Saturday

The best time to post on Tiktok on Saturday is 11 AM, 7 PM, and 8 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).

The Best Time To Post On Tiktok On Wednesday

The best time to post on Tiktok on Wednesday is 7 AM, 8 AM, and 11 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).

The Best Time To Post On TikTok On Tuesday

The best time to post on Tiktok on Tuesday is 2 AM, 4 AM, and 9 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST).

The Best Time To Post On TikTok On Monday

The best time to post on Tiktok on Monday is 6 AM, 10 AM, and 10 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).


As a bonus, I thought I’d answer some of the most common questions that I see being asked about Tiktok.

How do I get more views on TikTok?

The best way to get more views on Tiktok is to make sure that your content is engaging. This can be done by adding an appropriate soundtrack and using relevant hashtags.

I would also advise using trending sounds on all your videos to increase your chances of going viral.

Next, you need to post at the time when your audience is active. You can check this time on your accounts’ analytics. If you post when your audience is asleep, your content will not be discovered, hence you won’t get many likes.

When it comes to which hashtags to use, I believe that this video will be helpful:

How many views should my first TikTok get?

From experience, the first 5 TikTok posts typically get a high number of views.

For example, I had a Tiktok post reach 50,000 views within the first 24 hours. Which was amazing!

However, on my sixth and seventh posts, I noticed that the number of views and likes was declining. I went from 50,000 views to just 1,000 views.

This puzzled me so much that I decided to do a little digging.

From watching Youtube videos and reading blog posts, I discovered that Tiktok usually tests out your first posts to a wider audience. That’s why you can even get 100,000 views on your first few posts.

However, if the audience does not engage with your content by leaving likes and comments, for example, it sends a message to Tiktok that your content is not that good.

Therefore, they greatly reduce the number of people who see your posts. So you can go from 10,000 views to only 1,000 views.

So how can you prevent this from happening?

Well, the best thing you can do is make sure that you are publishing your best content first. When you open a Tiktok account, your first pieces of content should be your best.

This ensures that people engage with your content by leaving likes and comments and when this happens, the Tiktok algorithm becomes convinced that your content is worth showing to a wider audience.

Is Saturday a good day to post on TikTok?

It all depends on what your account’s analytics are showing you. If you have just opened a Tiktok account, I would suggest also posting on Saturday to see if it is a good time for you.

Always keep in mind that Tiktok and indeed social media are all about trial and error.

Is it better to post on Thursday or Friday TikTok?

Again, this will vary from account to account.

My suggestion would be to try posting on both days and see which one gives you the most engagement. This way, you can be sure of which day is better rather than guessing.

Is TikTok slow on weekends?

Honestly, I haven’t experienced this. My Tiktok accounts work the same both on weekdays and weekends.

However, if you have experienced this before, please let me know in the comments below. Also please share on how you solved it because it can help others who are facing the same situation.

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