In this comprehensive Flocksocial review, I will be walking you through the popular instagram growth service to determine if it is a worthwhile investment for your business. 


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Growing an instagram account in 2022 is not easy. 

You must stand out among a slew of competitors, influencers, celebrities, and other well-known figures.

That’s where instagram growth tools like Flocksocial come in. 

So what is an instagram growth service? Well, it is a tool designed to make your work easier. 

Getting more actual Instagram followers without assistance can be a time-consuming and laborious procedure. Going at it alone means adding extra time-consuming responsibilities to your schedule. 

That’s why a slew of Instagram growth tools have popped up. These tools relieve you of the burden of gaining more followers and allow you to reap the rewards. 

Flocksocial is an instagram growth service that has been generating a lot of buzz lately. But is it worth it? In this Flocksocial review, I will give you a detailed rundown of what the software has to offer, and what it can do for your business. By the end of the review, you should be able to decide whether Flocksocial is a worthy investment or if it is a scammy product that belongs in the trash.

Let’s dive in!

Flocksocial Review 2022 : Is This Instagram Growth Service Worth It?

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What Is Flocksocial?

Flocksocial is an Instagram follower-growth platform.

Flocksocial specializes in Instagram marketing, where they use zero bot methods to help boost your Instagram audiences and followers. Like I said before, there are many instagram growth services in the market with a new one popping up every day. The problem is that most of them can easily get your instagram account banned. 

However, Flocksocial seems to be one of the few legit instagram growth companies right now. Their website is pretty straightforward and you can tell from the reviews of other users that it is a trustworthy company.  

Even at first glance, you can see why Flock Social is a popular organic Instagram growth service for brands and influencers. Their service is billed as a one-stop shop for Instagram growth, engagement, and conversions. According to the countless Flock social reviews, they deliver on what they promise. 

In this flocksocial review, we’ll dive deeper into different aspects of Flocksocial like Pricing, features, pros and cons so that you can be assured of using them to grow your instagram.

How Does Flocksocial Work? 

Flocksocial uses several methods to develop your Instagram followers and audience. 

The method you use will be determined by your budget and your understanding of the available tools.

Regardless of your preferred method, Flock social has earned a reputation as a good  Instagram follower and audience growth software. 

Flocksocial helps you expand your Instagram audience and followers by giving you 100% human support. All of the necessary actions to increase your Instagram audience and followers will be taken care of by human assistance.

In other words, flocksocial helps you expand your Instagram followers and audience by giving you the resources you need. You can use these tools to increase your Instagram followers.

Flocksocial Review: Pricing

Flocksocial has two different pricing options; Instagram Rising Star and Instagram as a Business

flocksocial review

Let’s look at each of the plans.

Instagram Rising Star

This is Flocksocial’s cheapest plan and it costs $49/month. Every month, the Instagram Rising star adds an estimated 600 views, followers, and audience to your Instagram account.

Other features of the Instagram rising plan are as follows.

  • On your profile, you can schedule interactions.
  • Location-based targeting
  • Hashtag selection
  • Targeting competitors
  • Advanced analytics and insights are available.
  • Instagram tools are available to you.

This plan is perfect for both persons who are either launching a new Instagram account or those who want to expand it for fun. It is less expensive and promises a fixed amount of followers each month.

The Instagram Rising Star is great for new businesses.

Instagram as a Business

The “Instagram as a business” plan claims to boost your Instagram followers “like never before.”

For a monthly fee of $99, you get a personal account manager as well as a monthly guarantee of at least 1,000 new real Instagram followers. This bundle includes features from the “Instagram Rising Star” plus more. 

This plan is perfect if you want to promote an established business, affiliate marketing, and drop shipping.

In general, if you have a large audience and followers, then this is the plan for you.

With Instagram for business you’ll have a dedicated account manager in charge of increasing your Instagram audience and followers. This is the main difference with the Instagram Rising Star plan. 

How To Use The Flock Social Instagram Tool

Signing up to Flocksocial is quite simple

Step 1: CLICK HERE to visit Flocksocial website 

Step 2: Choose between one of the two plans of Flocksocial i.e “Instagram Rising Star” or “Instagram as a business”

Step 3: Provide your name, email address, and phone number.


Step 4: Fill in your Instagram account username.

Flocksocial review

Step 5: Enter your Instagram password. If you’re worried about giving out your IG password, don’t be. Flock also employs industry-leading encryption technology. They also make sure you are aware of this when you sign up. Your Instagram password is completely safe and secure, so don’t worry!

Add Your Hashtags

Using hashtags to find and target consumers is a very effective growth tactic. It’s fantastic that Flocksocial has this feature.

When you get to this point, it’s critical that you’ve done your homework.

On Instagram, each industry has its own hashtags. You must discover what works best for you.

Many individuals use hashtags to hunt for and find businesses. This is why including one of the most relevant hashtags in your industry is so important, especially when they’re seeking for a certain product or service. Clients may discover you this way!

Adding Similar Users

After that, Flock will ask you to add a few similar accounts, i.e., your main competitors.

Though you’re certainly familiar with at least a few of them, we recommend conducting some more research to ensure you’re not overlooking any low-hanging fruit in terms of follower targeting.

We’re getting a better understanding of all the guaranteed metrics now. Real followers, organic growth, true engagement, and 5 times better conversions are all promised by the service. The hyper-targeting genuinely targets your most optimal audience. This increases your chances of achieving actual progress and exact outcomes.

Adding a Location

If you want to attract followers that live in the same location as your business, then Flocksocial has got you covered. With this advanced tool, you have the ability to  target users in a particular location. 

Flocksocial Review- Features

Flocksocial reviews

In this Flocksocial review. We’re going to deeply examine the most important features that this instagram growth service has to offer. Understanding these features will enable you to know what Flocksocial is really capable of. Let’s begin.

1.Targeting and filtering Tools

This technology, as its name suggests, aids in the targeting and filtering of audiences and followers. This tool’s main goal is to ensure that you have the most relevant audience and traffic.

Depending on the type of audience and followers you require, you can use one of three tools.

Hashtag tool

This tool uses hashtags linked to your niche to target and filter your audience and followers.

Hashtag is an excellent approach to reach out to people in different parts of the world. All you have to do to use this tool is identify and use hashtags that are relevant to your niche and industry.

Location Tool

This feature allows you to target and filter your audience and followers based on their geography.

This is the tool to utilize if your industry/company supports a certain place or if you need Instagram followers and followers who are local to you and your business.

Similar User Targeting

The majority of your desired Instagram followers and audience share your goals and interests. Because you all share similar interests, sorting them out will be quite beneficial.

This is a sophisticated tool that assists you in increasing your Instagram audience and followers by finding the ideal account based on your personal profile and interests.

2.Engagement Feature

This function is intended to get your target account to engage with you. It allows you to target the proper audience with minimal effort.

For engagement purposes, Flocksocial uses;

Like and Unliking

This allows you to like your target audience’s Instagram posts. By liking their posts, you’re indicating that you and your target audience share similar interests.

Similarly, the unlike tool gives you the power to unlike posts from users that have no interest in your area or sector.

Follow and Unfollow

With this tool, you can follow accounts that share similar interests and unfollow those accounts that do not have any interest in your niche. 

3.Smart Insight and analytic tool. 

This tool allows you to analyze and monitor your Instagram growth, giving you insight into which promotions are working and which aren’t.

When utilized by an account manager, it will assist him in determining which of his campaigns are successful. It will allow him to repeat specific methods and make required changes until you get the Instagram audience and followers you seek.

4.Account Manager

The account manager is very effective in boosting your Instagram followers and audience. However, this feature is not available for all flock social plans.

The account manager encourages you to use the tools, as well as other resources, to expand your Instagram audience and followers. All you have to do now is provide your account manager with the necessary information, sit back, and watch your Instagram followers rise.

Is Flocksocial Legit?

When considering an instagram growth service, you should always ensure that it is legit. That’s because scammy services can put your instagram account at risk of getting banned. However, from what we’ve seen, Flocksocial is a legit instagram growth service.

Their website promises a conversion rate of 90% or more. In other words, 90% of people will engage in reciprocal engagement.

This has been confirmed to be correct.

Additionally, Flocksocial is reliable because it does not use bots. There is no evidence of any phony encounters. Therefore, your account is safe.

Finally, these folks are really open and honest about what they have to offer, which is always appreciated. It’s safe to say that Flocksocial is a safe software to use for instagram growth. 

Flocksocial Review- Final Verdict

Based on in-depth research and reviews from other users, we would recommend Flocksocial for anyone who wishes to organically grow their instagram account. Flocksocial is worth every penny because it delivers on what it promises. It offers quality features that most instagram growth services can only dream of.

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Flock Social Trustpilot Reviews

Before we end this Flocksocial review, it is important to see what other users have to say.

Flocksocial Review: FAQs

Is Flock social good?

Yes it is. Flocksocial is one of the best instagram growth tools on the market right now. They provide real organic growth and real instagram followers

How much does Flocksocial cost?

Flocksocial has two different pricing options; Instagram Rising Star ($49/month) and Instagram as a Business ($99/month).

How does Flocksocial work?

Flocksocial uses several methods to develop your Instagram followers and audience.