How To Install Google Analytics in WordPress 2022 (Updated Guide)

install google analytics in wordpress

Do you want to learn how to install google analytics in WordPress?

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In this article, I’m going to show you step by step how you can install google analytics in wordpress in 2022.

Google analytics is a free tool that provides traffic stats on the people visiting your website.

There are many guides out there that show you how to install google analytics in WordPress. However, most of these guides are outdated as Google has made a couple of changes in the last few months.

In this in-depth post, I will make your job easier by showing you how you can easily set up analytics for your site using the new Google analytics features.

With that in mind, let’s begin. First, though, let’s see why Google Analytics is essential to your website’s growth.

What Is Google Analytics, And Why Is It So Important?

If you’re reading this article, then you probably already understand the importance of Google analytics.

Google analytics is one of the free tools from Google that is a must-have for every website owner.

It is one of the best and most effective tools for tracking and analyzing website traffic. It provides you with a wealth of information on who visits your site, what they are looking for, and how they arrived there.

Here’s a rundown of the key information you’ll get from Google Analytics:

  • Geographical location- It’s crucial to know where your visitors are coming from if you’re trying to reach a specific demographic.
  • It provides information on how your visitors find your website in order to figure out which of your efforts are paying off. It reveals whether visitors came to your site directly, via a referral from another website (for example, Twitter or Facebook), or via search engines.
  • Web browsers used by your visitors – understanding which browsers your visitors use can help you figure out which ones you should concentrate on.
  • What keywords did visitors employ in search engines to find your website – this is really important for SEO. Knowing which keywords people use to find your site helps you figure out if you’re on the correct route.
  • Engagement- You can see where your visitors go on your website, how long they remain there, and what your bounce rate is (the percent of users who exit your site on the first visit). You can lower your bounce rate and improve your pageviews by using this data.

How To Install Google Analytics in WordPress

Step 1: Sign Up

Google Analytics is completely free, and all you need to sign up is a Google or Gmail account.

how to add google analytics in wordpress website

Step 1: Visit the Google Analytics website and simply click the ‘Get started today’ button

Step 2: After that, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Google account. If you have already have one, go ahead and sign in. Otherwise, you can simply create a new Google account within minutes.

how to install google analytics in wordpress

Step 3: Once you sign in, you will be taken to this page

install google analytics on wordpress

Step 4: At the bottom left corner, you will see a settings icon. Click on it to access the admin area

Step 5: Click “Create Account”

install google analytics on wordpress

You can use the name of your website as the account name, then click “Next”

Step 6: Property Setup

install google analytics wordpress manually

Enter your property name and click next

Side Note:

Google Analytics 4 (aka GA4) is a new version of the software from Google, replacing Universal Analytics (UA).

GA4 is the most recent version, and it keeps track of both your website and mobile apps under one account. In addition, you’ll get additional features, metrics, and a redesigned report interface.

Therefore, If you already have a Universal Analytics account, you should start tracking data in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) as soon as possible. Because Google will deactivate Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. This means that Universal Analytics will no longer receive data after the this date and will eventually cease to function.

Step 7: Business Information

Next, you will be prompted to add details about your business. This includes the number of employees and the category in which your business is in.

how to add google analytics in wordpress website 2022

After that, scroll down and choose how you want to utilize Google Analytics for your business, such as measuring engagement, reducing advertising costs, increasing conversions, and so on.

You have the option of selecting multiple options or all of the available options that fit your requirements. Simply click the ‘Create’ button when you’re finished.

how to install google analytics in wordpress for beginners

A popup window displaying the Google Analytics terms of service agreement will appear once you click the Create button.

Simply check the box next to ‘I also agree the Data Processing Terms as required by GDPR’ then pressing the ‘I Accept’ button.

how to install google analytics in wordpress for beginners


You’ve completed the first step in installing Google Analytics to your WordPress site.

You will now be directed to this page.

how to install google analytics in wordpress

Click on data streams, and choose web as your platform. Next, enter your website URL and stream name and click create stream button.

add google analytics to wordpress free

You can now see your Stream URL, name, and Measurement ID.

add google analytics to wordpress free

Under the ‘Tagging Instructions’ section, Google Analytics will also show you alternative ways to apply Google Analytics code to your WordPress website.

add google analytics to wordpress without plugin free

How To Install Google Analytics In WordPress

Now that you’ve created a Google analytics account, property, and web stream, the next step is to install it to your WordPress site so you can start tracking data.

There are a couple of ways to do this

Method 1: Using Monster Insights Plugin (Recommended)

The most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is MonsterInsights.

It is the simplest and most effective method for integrating Google Analytics with WordPress (for all users beginners and experts alike). It also has a Dual Tracking function, which allows you to add Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 to your WordPress website without having to change the code.

Both a paid premium plugin and a free version of MonsterInsights are available. However, we’ll be utilizing the MonsterInsights free edition in this guide.

To install it, go to your WordPress dashboard and click on plugins, Add new.

Search for monster insights, install and activate it.

When you activate the plugin, you’ll see a welcome screen and a new menu item called ‘Insights’ in your WordPress admin menu. Click the ‘Launch the Wizard’ button to begin.

install google analytics in wordpress

You will be asked to select a category for your website (a business website, blog, or online store). After you’ve chosen one, click the ‘Save and Continue’ option.

The next step is to link MonsterInsights to your WordPress site.

To connect MonsterInsights, simply click the ‘Connect MonsterInsights’ button.

This will lead you to Google Accounts, where you will be prompted to sign in or choose a Google account if you are already logged in.

To sign in, select your Google account or enter your email address.

how to install google analytics in wordpress

Selecting the profile you wish to track is the next step in completing the connection.

To proceed, you must first select your website and then click the ‘Complete Connection’ option.

how to install google analytics in wordpress

After that, you’ll be asked to choose your website’s recommended settings. You don’t need to change anything here so click continue.

install google analytics code in wordpress

MonsterInsights will also inquire about who has access to the reports. You can select from a variety of WordPress user roles. To save your settings, click the ‘Save and Continue’ button after you’re finished.

install google analytics on wordpress site

Following that, MonsterInsights will present you with a range of website tracking capabilities that you can enable.

You can scroll down and choose between the ‘Continue’ and ‘Skip for Now’ options.


You have successfully set up Google Analytics on your WordPress site!

Tracking should be all setup

Method 2: Using Headers and Footers Plugin

Head over to “Tagging instructions”> Global site tag> Copy the code

install google analytics code in wordpress

Go to your wordpress dashboard>Settings>header and footer page.

Paste the Google Analytics tracking code that you copied earlier into the ‘Scripts in headers’ section.

Click save and viola! You have successfuly added Google Analytics to your website.


I hope this article helped you learn how to install gogle analytics in WordPress.

If you liked it, please check out my other in-depth guides to help you start and grow a successful online business.

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