Is Jeff Lerner From Entre Nation Genuine?

Many people (including myself) have asked, ‘Is Jeff Lerner from Entre Nation genuine?’. That’s because there have been countless allegations accusing him of being a scammer.

Jeff Lerner is NOT genuine. I say this because I have come across a number of his programs including Millionaire Shortcut and the Entre Institute which are designed to get you to cough up as much money as possible.

There is no doubt that Jeff Lerner is a successful businessman. After all, he is worth millions, and all his businesses seem to be doing well.

The main problem that I (and many others) have with him is the methods that he uses to attain this success.

Jeff has also developed a reputation for being a scam artist. This comes from people who have enrolled in his other programs.

So, is Jeff Lerner from Entre Nation Genuine? In this article, we will look at who he is and the different training programs he offers. We will also hear what others have to say about him.

Let’s dive right in!

Who is Jeff Lerner?

Is Jeff Lerner from Entre Nation Genuine- Who Is Jeff Lerner
Who Is Jeff Lerner

Jeff Lerner is a well-known entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Jeff went from being a struggling jazz musician to making $100 million online.

When Jeff was in his 20s, successful CEOs and business leaders frequently hired him as a pianist to perform in their houses. This experience sparked Jeff’s interest in entrepreneurship.

At age 29, after numerous failed business endeavors, including one that involved a restaurant franchise and left him with a $500,000 debt, he discovered his first success online and eliminated the debt in 18 months (This is according to his website).

He is the founder of the Entre Institute which offers advice on how to start and run a successful online business. Through this program, he teaches people to take control of their future and restructure their lives around his “3 Ps of Success” (Physical, Personal, & Professional).

Apart from the Entre Institute, he has also created other successful businesses thus establishing himself as a leading expert in the founding of startups.

Jeff also hosts a top 100 business podcast that explores the secret to success. His Entrepreneurial portfolio consists of programs such as:

  • Entre Institute
  • 6 Steps To Freedom 
  • Copy A Millionaire 
  • 7 Mile Digital 
  • Awesome Marketing – an inc 500 digital agency 

So in a nutshell, Jeff Lerner runs a number of businesses including a podcast and a Youtube channel. His most popular business venture to date is the Entre Institute (more on this later).

From his portfolio, you might think that Jeff Lerner is a legitimate internet guru. However, there have been numerous allegations from customers that he is a scammer.

We will talk about this later on as we look at his most popular product to date, the Entre Institute.

Where Is Jeff Lerner From?

Jeff Lerner was born on March 1st, 1979 in Houston Texas.

According to his website, at age 16, he made the decision to quit his job. When he was 17, he decided to leave high school and pursue music instead.

From the age of 18, he started multiple businesses all of which were total failures but through this, he learned valuable lessons that he would carry with him for the rest of his entrepreneurial journey.

He is married, a father of four, and still finds enjoyment in playing the piano for one hour each day.

How Did Jeff Lerner Become A Millionaire?

Jeff Lerner is a successful entrepreneur, who has built an empire from scratch. He is a self-made millionaire and the founder of several companies. He is also an established figure in the affiliate marketing niche.

He started his entrepreneurial journey very early in life. However, not everything went according to plan.

He failed multiple times before finally succeeding.

At age 29, after numerous failed business endeavors, including one that involved a restaurant franchise and left him with a $500,000 debt, he discovered his first success online and eliminated the debt in 18 months.

On his website, he credits his multiple online businesses for making him a millionaire.

His online businesses include the Entre Institute, a top 100 business podcast, and a Youtube channel which all make him a substantial amount of income.

What Is Jeff Lerners Millionaire Shortcut?

Is Jeff Lerner from Entre Nation Genuine?
Is Jeff Lerner from Entre Nation Genuine?

I first heard about Jeff Lerner’s millionaire shortcut from a Youtube Ad.

In the Ad, Jeff talks about how it’s simpler and faster than ever for regular people to become millionaires.

Jeff introduces himself and explains that his journey to millionairedom was unorthodox.

He didn’t spend 40 years toiling away at a 9 to 5 job, max out his 401(k), and patiently wait for compounding to begin.

He made no inventions.

Or make a large scratcher win.

He had no trust fund.

However, after using a “huge shortcut” he made $50 million.

When I saw this ad, I immediately thought that it was yet another ‘Fake Guru’ promoting a fake make-money online scam. But was I right?

Well, the Millionaire Shortcut is actually a book by Jeff Lerner that promises to share his million-dollar secret.

In the ad, he promises that the book is 100% free and it’s going to be the most powerful book you’ve ever read (Bold, right?).

I must admit that after viewing the ad, I was curious. Who wouldn’t want to learn the secret shortcut to becoming a millionaire, after all?

After entering my email to receive my “free” book, I was immediately taken to a video sales letter where I was compelled to purchase a $39 course before the countdown timer reached zero.

This is typical of most online gurus because they want to upsell you on something. This could be a course or a product. So I wasn’t really surprised when Jeff tried to upsell me by offering his”free” millionaire shortcut book.

The good news is that the book arrives as promised in your inbox.

So, what information does the book contain, you ask?

Well, Jeff Lerner’s millionaire shortcut teaches you that in order to become a millionaire, you need to locate a millionaire role model and emulate them!

Well, who would have thought, right? 😃

Turns out that Jeff’s big secret is to find someone rich and copy what they’re doing.

Isn’t it convenient that he offers a training program that does just that?

In my opinion, Jeff Lerner’s millionaire shortcut is designed to bait you into joining the Entre Institute where he claims to give training on how to become a millionaire. (More on this later)

Honestly speaking, this book is just a tool to get you into one of his programs (as I’ve already mentioned). You will get very shallow information that you can easily access on Youtube and free courses.

Furthermore, there is a lack of transparency.

Unless you have come across such internet marketing schemes, you will not realize what is happening until it’s too late and you’ve coughed up thousands of dollars for something that you thought was free.

In my opinion, Jeff Lerner’s millionaire shortcut is not legitimate.

Think about it.

When he tells you that the key to becoming a millionaire is to find a millionaire and get them to mentor you, isn’t it somewhat convenient that he himself is a millionaire who offers coaching?

What Is Jeff Lerners Net Worth?

On his LinkedIn profile, Jeff Lerner claims that he went from being a broke jazz musician to making $100 million in online sales.

On top of that, he claims to have built multiple million-dollar businesses.

However, from my experience with other internet gurus, I am aware that these numbers are frequently greatly overstated. Most likely, this is done to increase credibility and authority.

So what is Jeff Lerners net worth?

Jeff Lerner has an estimated net worth of $5m as of 2022.

It is estimated that he earns a total of $40,000 per month and $500,000 per year all coming from his online business.

So yes, he is a millionaire

What Is ENTRE Institute?

What Is ENTRE Institute?
What Is ENTRE Institute?

One of Jeff Lerner’s creations is the Entre Institute.

What is Entre Institute?

At the age of 39, Jeff created “the 3X3 Success Matrix,” which was a comprehensive life operating system for business owners.

The ENTRE institute was built on this foundation.

According to their website, the Entre institute is designed to be a school for entrepreneurs. The goal of the program is to help entrepreneurs grow their online businesses.

The Entre Institute provides coaching, training, and education in internet marketing and business.

When Was ENTRE Institute Founded?

The Entre Institute was officially launched by Jeff Lerner and Adam Whitting in the early months of 2019.

How Much Does Entre Institute Cost?

How Much Does Entre Institute Cost
How Much Does Entre Institute Cost

One thing that makes me distrust this program is that they are not upfront with the amount of money you’ll have to part with.

The Entre Institute is divided into 5 sections and you have to pay more to unlock each section. The sections include:

  • Entre Institute Blueprint which costs $39
  • Entre Nation Elite which costs $49 per month or $348 per year
  • Entre Institute Digital which costs a one-time fee of $1997
  • Entre Institute Results which goes for $15,000 per year
  • Entre Institute Inner Circle which goes for $29,999 per year

As you can see, the price is utterly outrageous!

If you are planning to start and grow an online business, you cannot afford to be spending this much on a course!

How Does Entre Institute Work?

Is Jeff Lerner from Entre Nation Genuine?
Is Jeff Lerner from Entre Nation Genuine?

The Entre Institute serves as a training program for people who desire to become entrepreneurs.

Like most other training programs, it begins with fundamental instruction before moving on to more complex lessons to help you finish the course.

However, each lesson will cost you more because they are upselling you.

You can purchase the Entre Blueprint Training Bundle from their website in order to enroll in the Entre Institute.

This is the entry-level package that comes with Jeff’s video training course.

In the videos, Jeff talks about the three most successful online company models now in use, as well as the six steps to altering your life.

Typically, Jeff Lerner’s motivational speeches can be found in these training videos. They are designed to entice you to buy the subsequent upsells that were made available to you.

Even still, I have to acknowledge that at only $39, they do provide some worthwhile lessons.

My biggest problem is with the upsells.

The entire Entre Institute training program, which starts with the Entre Blueprint, plus any upsells will cost you $47 383. That being said, you have to ask yourself if it is really worth it!

Is ENTRE Institute Legitimate?

Is ENTRE Institute Legitimate
Is ENTRE Institute Legitimate

All the money you spend on this course would probably be worth it if the course was legitimate, right?

Unfortunately, there are tons of negative customer reviews from people who have taken this program and have seen zero to no results.

In reality, they are in worse shape than they were in the beginning because they spent thousands of dollars on a useless purchase.

I have yet to see a genuine positive review about Entre Institute from someone who has gone through the entire program.

Most of the students claim that the program is filled with ambiguous information that you can get from a free source including Youtube or an ebook. Others have said that the videos provided in the training are more motivational than informational.

This means that the training is more about motivating you to become a millionaire than teaching you how to be one.

I have not completed the entire curriculum, so I cannot completely affirm this. However, I’m inclined to think this is true based on the user reviews I’ve read and the interviews I’ve conducted.

For me, the biggest issue that I have with the program is the lack of pricing transparency.

It is the same case with the millionaire shortcut where he keeps upselling you until you find yourself knee-deep in debt.

The price of the Entre Institute can go as high as $40,000! This would be enough to start a business and start making money.

I started the program but when I saw the outrageous upsells, I lost trust in it completely.

It doesn’t help that Jeff Lerner has been accused of being a scammer from his other programs.

Entre Institute Complaints

If you look at many reviews of the Entre Institute, you’ll find that the majority of them speak highly of the program. That’s because they have the incentive to do so.

It would not surprise me if the majority of those bloggers or reviewers have never watched a single Jeff Lerner video let alone enrolled in his training program.

The biggest reason for all the positive reviews is that they make affiliate commissions from promoting the program. That’s the unfortunate truth.

However, if you look at reviews from real customers of the program, you’ll realize that the Entre Institute is really not worth it!

The biggest complaint that I’ve come across is the outrageous upselling and the lack of transparency that comes with it. Honestly speaking, not many people can afford to spend upwards of $40,000 on a course.

Is There A Jeff Lerner Review On Quora?

Yes, there are many Jeff Lerner reviews on Quora.

CLICK HERE to read them.

Is Jeff Lerner Trustworthy?

Honestly, the jury is still out on this one.

I wouldn’t fully trust him simply because of the lack of transparency involved in promoting his training programs.

Additionally, I have to believe the reviews from people who have first-hand experience with his courses.

I would not purchase his training simply because I think that there are better more transparent training programs out there that are not as expensive.

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