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Here’s a quick Look at Jasper Ai vs Copy Ai vs Writesonic vs Rytr vs Copysmith.

If you are searching for the best Ai copywriting tool, then you’ve come to the right place.

Writing high quality content is hard. It’s very common for content creators to experience writer’s block.

However, with the right Ai copywriting tool, you can easily solve this problem.

Many top bloggers and content creators use tools like Jasper to stay ahead of the game.

To save you time, I’ll compile a list of the best copywriting tools and walk you through them.

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Top Ai Content Writing Tools

This post is about comparing Jasper Ai vs Copy Ai vs Writesonic vs Rytr vs Copysmith. I decided to focus on these 5 tools because I have used them before and I consider them to be the most popular Ai content writing/ copywriting tools in the market right now.

That’s not to say that there aren’t other Ai content writing tools in the market. However, from experience, I consider these tools to be among the best.

In this review, I will be focusing on features, Pricing, Pros, Cons, and much more.

Let’s begin!

Jasper Ai: Top Rated

9 out of 10 is an AI copywriting software that uses artificial intelligence to help you create blogs, websites, and social media content that is of high quality.  If you’ve ever suffered from writer’s block or if you’re just not a fan of writing content, then Jasper is the tool for you.

Key Takeaways
Jasper is capable of taking content generating commands from you (thanks to the Boss Mode function). These commands can generate any type of content you want.

You can use Jasper to create;
-Social Media posts
-Blog posts
-Ad copy
-Landing page copy
Basically, this tool allows you to create content or copy on any topic you’d like. 

Who Can Use Jasper?
Whether you’re a blogger, digital marketer, small business owner, Youtuber, writer, etc. you can benefit from this software.

Starts at $29/mo for 20,000 words

Our Rating


It can be used in over 25 languages

It creates 100 percent unique material.

Capable of writing long-form content

More than 50 templates available.

Creates high-quality content

Creates SEO optimized content

Simple to use

Excellent customer service

It is capable of writing on practically any subject.


Takes time to get used to it

Does NOT offer a free plan

Jasper Ai vs Copy Ai vs Writesonic vs Rytr vs Copysmith
Jasper Ai reviews

Jasper is by far the best Ai Copywriting software right now. Its features including Surfer SEO integration and Boss Mode(Which allows you to create long form content), surpasses most of its competitors.

On sites like G2 Crowd, Trustpilot, and Capterra, Jasper has a 4.9/5 star rating.

Clearly, the software is popular with users, and they enjoy using it to create content.

Copy Ai: Not great for long form content…

8 out of 10

This AI copywriter was developed and released in the year 2020. Since then, its popularity has grown, and it has quickly become one of the go-to copywriting tools.

CopyAI is helps you create high-converting copy and content ideas. In fact, once you start utilizing CopyAI, you won’t have to worry about being caught in writer’s block.

Key Takeaways
Copy Ai is great for short form content. However, if you want to create longer content i.e. Blog posts, Articles, Youtube Scripts, etc., then the best tool would be Jasper

You can use Copy Ai to create;
-Digital Ad Copies
-Website Copies
-Ecommerce product descriptions
-Blog titles, outlines and intros
-Social media platforms

Who Can Use Copy Ai?
Bloggers, digital marketers, small business owners, Social media managers, freelancers, ecommerce stores, affiliate marketers, etc.

Copy Ai offers a 7-day free trial. You can only run 100 times per day during the free trial.

You must subscribe to its premium plans once you are completely happy or have used up the trial period. Copy Ai offers two billing cycles: monthly and yearly. Their lowest plan goes for $49 per month.

Our Rating


Offers 7-day free trial

Easy to use

Creates content in more than 25 languages

Uses latest Ai Tech


Not ideal for long-form content

Jasper Ai vs Copy Ai vs Writesonic vs Rytr vs Copysmith
Copy Ai Reviews

Copy Ai has received multiple great reviews from its users. More than 100,000 people are using this AI-powered copywriting tool to create content.

Writesonic: Write Faster Copy…

7 out of 10

Writesonic is one of the best Ai content writing tools. It is a great software that can help you to generate content ideas, thus getting rid of writer’s block. In seconds, you can create high-converting advertising, blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, and more. 

Key Takeaways
Writesonic, like the other two AI copywriting tools on this list, can write a variety of various forms of material. It currently generates content for over 40 different copy types.

Writesonic asks you the copy type you’d like to generate before you begin the content production process

You can use Writesonic to create;
-Website Copy
-Digital Ads copy
-Blog intros and outlines
-Ecommerce copy
-Copywriting formulas

Similar to Copy Ai, Writesonic is not suitable for creating long-form content.

Who Can Use Writesonic?
Writesonic is  perfect for marketing teams, agencies, and eCommerce firms. However, a closer examination of the features reveals that it will also be ideal for freelancers, bloggers, copywriters, authors, social media marketers, and affiliate marketers.

Writesonic’s offers a free trial which gives you 10 credits (This isn’t much). However, the basic plan costs $15 per month. This is cheaper than Copy Ai’s lowest plan, which is $49 per month.

Our Rating


Easy to use

Supports multiple languages

Uses advanced Ai

Automatically corrects grammar

Analyzes readability


No integration

No Chrome extension

The free trial offers a limited number of tries

Here are some reviews from other Writesonic users;

Writesonic reviews
Writesonic reviews

Rytr: Cheapest Option

6 out of 10

Rytr is a newcomer to the AI copywriting scene. Despite this, it has received high praise and excellent feedback from its users.

Key Takeaways
If you are on a very tight budget, you should consider Rytr. It also has a free plan, although it’s very limited.

You can use Rytr to create;
-Blog ideas and outlines
-Ad Copies
-Website Copies
-eCommerce Product Description
-YouTube & Social Media Posts

Who Can Use Rytr?
Bloggers, digital marketers, small business owners, Youtubers, ecommerce stores, copywriters, etc.

Rytr offers a completely free plan that allows you to create up to 5,000 characters of content per month. This might seem like much, but it really isn’t. The free plan is very limited.

If you have a tight budget, this is the tool for you. Their lowest plan costs only $9 per month.

Our Rating



Offers forever free plan

Multiple Supported Languages

Easy to use


Free plan is very limited

Here’s what others have to say about Rytr;

Jasper Ai vs Copy Ai vs Writesonic vs Rytr vs Copysmith

Copysmith: Best for eCommerce

5 out of 10

Copysmith is another new AI copywriting software that was launched in 2020. This software can help you with your copywriting needs and get rid of writer’s block. It works best for eCommerce businesses.

Key Takeaways
Copysmith does not have the capabilities of other softwares on this list. For example, it only offers 32 copywriting templates whereas its competitors like Jasper offer over 50 templates.

You can use Copysmith to create;
-ecommerce product descriptions
-Website Copies
-Social media posts
-Ad copy

Who Can Use Copysmith?
Bloggers, Affiliate marketers, digital marketers, copywriters, freelancers, content creators, etc.

Starts at $19per month

Our Rating


Chrome extension

32 Copywriting templates

Plagiarism checker


Takes time to get used to it

Less copywriting templates

Best used for English content

Jasper Ai vs Copy Ai vs Writesonic vs Rytr vs Copysmith (Final Recommendation)

My top recommendation for best Ai copywriting/content writing is definitely Jasper.

Jasper offers features that are far more superior than that of its competitors. You can write entire blog posts, articles, and even books using this software.

Copy Ai and Writesonic are great for short-form content i.e. social media post captions.

Rytr is great if you’re on a tight budget and you’re looking for a cheap option.

However, if you want quality, the #1 choice will always be Jasper.

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