Kenji Pricing
Kenji Pricing Review

Do you want to know how much Kenji Ai costs? Confused about which pricing plan to go for? Then read this entire Kenji pricing review. 

You are definitely going to love the Kenji pricing plans. Especially when you consider all the features that they offer. 

Instagram growth tools like Kenji have become very popular lately. 

The reason is this: Everyone wants to grow their Instagram account but it is much slower and time consuming than it used to be. That’s where Instagram growth services come in. These tools are able to automatically grow your instagram account for you. 

Kenji is an instagram bot that uses the popular Follow and unfollow method to grow instagram accounts. This is one of the best strategies to grow an instagram account from zero, and I have used it myself to grow a couple of accounts to over 10k followers. 

Most instagram growth tools and bots are quite expensive. Luckily Kenji is affordable as you’ll see below.

Let’s look at how much you can expect to pay when using this Instagram bot. 

Kenji Pricing Review

What is Kenji

Before we move on to pricing, let’s first explain what Kenji Ai is and what it does. 

Kenji Ai is an instagram follow bot which primarily uses the follow/unfollow method to automatically grow Instagram accounts.

Most people (including myself) typically shy away from instagram bots because they can get your account banned. That’s because most instagram bots violate instagram’s terms and conditions.  

However, there are a few good instagram bots that are properly managed. These bots can help you grow your Instagram exponentially. Kenji is one such Instagram bot. 

An Instagram bot’s primary purpose is to automate actions that people would typically take on the platform, such as liking, following, and engaging with other accounts. 

It engages with people on your behalf to streamline your workflow and help you save time.

Despite the numerous rules Instagram has put in place to prevent the use of bots on the site, if you pick the appropriate Instagram bot, you’ll be able to save time and avoid any unfavorable effects of utilizing bots.

Kenji is a very sophisticated Instagram bot that will make sure your account abides by Instagram’s rules. They are very reliable and always make sure to follow Instagram’s terms and conditions so your account is safe with them. 

Kenji Pricing

The Kenji pricing structure is pretty straightforward. 

Kenji has two plans; Simple and Pro. You can get started with this instagram bot software for as little as $49/month. The Kenji Pricing is quite fair given all the features that it offers.

Kenji Simple Plan ($49/month)

This is a great plan for anyone who is looking to get started with Kenji. The Simple plan will cost you $49/month. 

Here, you get access to all features except hashtag targeting, Basic Optimization, and 24/7 frequent support. Although it might take up to 24 hours to respond, you’ll still have access to assistance, which isn’t too bad.

Kenji Pro Plan ($78/month)

This plan is perfect if you want to grow your account much faster. The Kenji Pro plan costs $78/month. Here, you get all the features in the Simple plan including priority support, all targeting types, and smart optimizations. 

Does Kenji Offer a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, Kenji does NOT offer a free trial. This is one of the drawbacks of this software. However, according to their website, they do not offer a free trial because their Ai sets up your Instagram account on one of their phones as soon as you sign up for KENJI. This process costs them time and money.

Kenji Pricing: Quick Summary

So here is a recap of the two pricing plans that this software offers:

  • Kenji Simple Plan starts at $49/month
  • Kenji Pro Plan starts at $78/month (BEST VALUE)

The choice of plan will depend entirely on your budget but I would recommend the Pro plan because it offers more functionality and it can grow your instagram account much faster. Although they do not offer a free trial, they honor refunds requests on a case by case basis so you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with their software. 

We appreciate your interest in learning more about the costs of this Instagram AI software.

Gaining value from this software shouldn’t be difficult if you know how to use it. I highly recommend you check out Kenji if you are struggling to grow your instagram account. With it, you can get more followers and likes within days. 

One more time, I’ll include the URL below so you can begin growing your instagram account:

To wrap up this article, I have included some frequently asked questions about Kenji Pricing.


How Much Does Kenji Ai Cost Per Month? 

This answer is going to depend on the package you choose. Kenji offers two pricing packages; Simple plan and Pro plan. If you decide to go for the Simple plan, you will pay $49/month. If you decide to upgrade to the Pro plan,it will cost you $78/month. If your budget allows it, I recommend that you use the Pro plan ($78/month) to get the best value from this software.

Kenji Simple Plan vs Pro Plan: Which Is Best For You?

According to the Kenji website, Pro users can grow their accounts up to 110 percent more quickly. Users are advised to upgrade to Pro if they want to automate the optimization of their account over time and obtain results faster. Pro users can receive support without waiting in the ticket queue. However, if you don’t have the budget right now, you can start with the Simple plan and upgrade later. 

Does Kenji Offer a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, Kenji does not offer a free trial. 

Does Kenji Have A Money Back Guarantee? 

Kenji considers refund requests on a case by case basis. If you want to learn more about their refund policy, I recommend that you check out their terms and conditions page.

Thanks again for reading this Kenji Pricing review. Do you want to learn more about this instagram Ai bot? Read our Kenji Ai Review here.