Make Money Teenager Online

The internet can be a great place to make money as a teenager. It is not difficult to find a way to make money online.

The internet has also made it possible for teens to find jobs from home that they can do from their smartphones or laptops. You don’t need any special skills or qualifications for most of these jobs – just a computer and an internet connection!

This article will discuss a few of the strategies that teenagers can use in order to make money online. You will learn how to find such opportunities, and also see a few different examples of how it is possible to earn money as a teenager.

Let’s dive right in!

Overview: Make Money Teenager Online

Top 13 Ways Teenagers can Make Money on the Internet

make money teenager online
make money teenager online

1.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income. You can sell anything from physical products, digital products, and even services. With affiliate marketing, you’ll be in control of your own business and you can work as little or as much as you want.The affiliate marketing model has been around for decades and it is a proven way to generate passive income.

What is Affiliate Marketing?Affiliate marketing takes place when an individual or company markets their products and services through other companies or individuals. The primary difference between affiliate marketing and regular marketing is that affiliate marketers receive a commission from each successful sale completed. The pay for each sale is typically a percentage which varies depending on the product or service being sold. For example, an affiliate with a site that promotes shoes could receive 10% of each shoe sale.

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make money teenager online

One of the best ways for teens to work from home is by taking on freelance jobs that are available on websites like and These websites provide a platform where clients post their job requirements and freelancers bid on them to get hired for them.

Freelance websites are abundant. There are several large ones, such as oDesk and, but there’s also a slew of smaller ones that cater to specific niches and interests. Just be prepared to operate in a market that’s highly competitive.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are over 24 million freelancers in the United States alone. If you want to succeed in freelancing despite the competition, you have to produce quality work and get raving reviews from your clients.

3.Create a YouTube Channel

make money teenager online
make money teenager online

Social media platforms have made it easier for young people to make money. They can share their content on these platforms and monetize them through advertisements. YouTube has made it easier than ever for young people to make money off of the ads they monetize on their videos. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash while building an online presence.

Many teens are finding success by making YouTube videos and selling ads on them. The benefits of this career move include earning extra money, building professional connections, and the ability to collaborate on a project with other creators. This helps young people develop their creative muscles while providing their content to the world. Youtube is definitely a great way for young people to make money!

There are many different ways for people to make money on YouTube, so it’s really up to them what they want to pursue! You might want to consider what type of content you would like to create before starting your Youtube channel. It is important to focus on a specific niche so you can build an audience and become an authority in the niche.

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4.Start a Blog

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways for people to make some extra money in this fast-paced digital age, and teenagers are no exception. There are many other blogging platforms available, like WordPress, Tumblr and Weebly.With more than 100 million monthly unique visitors in the United States alone, it’s not surprising that there are teenagers who are making a full-time income off their blog.

In 2009, 16-year-old Maryland high schooler Sam Greenspan began blogging about the Baltimore Orioles. His blog had over a quarter of a million visitors in its first month and it now has over two million visitors per month.At first, Sam made $38 from ads on his blog but by 2012, he was earning $50,000 a year.

The greatest thing about blogging is that you can write about whatever subject that interests you, whether you’re a seasoned professional with decades of experience or someone who’s only just discovering the joys of putting pen to paper. The most effective way to generate wealth with blogging is to start a niche blog.

Niche blogs are focused on a specific topic and attract an audience that’s interested in that specific topic. There’s something for every topic. You could publish a blog about buying and selling cryptocurrencies, or you could write about the benefits of CBD oil, etc.

Blogging is also an accessible career choice because you don’t need qualifications to start a blog; anyone with an internet connection can start a blog today and make money from it. If you’re interested in blogging, you can find inspiration from personal stories of other bloggers who have created their own blogs.

5.Create and Sell Products On Websites Like Etsy or Amazon.

make money teenager online

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money as a teenager, selling products online on sites like Etsy and Amazon may be your answer. There is a wide range of products that you can sell including clothing, jewellery, artwork and much more. For example, if you have a crafty hobby such as making jewelry or clothes, you could sell the items yourself on sites like Etsy and Amazon.

6.Join Survey Sites

The internet is full of online survey sites that offer cash rewards. But, not all of them are worth your time or effort. Here we have listed some of the best paid survey sites for teenagers which pay cash and will help you earn money in an easy way.


MySurvey has an enormous database of surveys from leading brands and offer cash rewards for completing different types of surveys. One can also make money by referring people to the site or creating ads for them. The company also offers a mobile app for their users that allows them to redeem their cash bonuses and purchase gift cards with the money they earn.

It is worth mentioning that MySurvey only allow those who are at least 18 years of age to join the site. Other advantages of joining this site include earning points which can be redeemed for cash via PayPal, or a gift card to some of your favorite retailers.


Swagbucks is a site that gives you the chance to make money by doing tasks like taking surveys and playing games. They have a wide variety of paid survey sites to work with, and there are also other opportunities for you to make money.

They also offer cash payments for certain tasks like watching advertisements or shopping online through their app. On the app, users can also see what their friends are earning and set goals to earn more.The company charges no fees for starting an account or withdrawing earnings from it. The app is available on iOS, Android, and the web.

Survey Junkie

Survey junkie is another survey site that you can join. It’s free to join and there’s no cost to take surveys. The site pays users in cash that they can cash out or earn free gift cards for different stores. Survey Junkie is a site that gives you the chance to make money by doing tasks like taking surveys and playing games. They have a wide variety of paid survey sites to work with, but there are some that are spammy and will not get you paid.

To start using Survey Junkie, you need to go to our website and sign up. It’s free, no credit card required. Once you complete your registration and verify your email address, you’ll be taken to the “My Surveys” page which will show you a list of all the surveys that are available for you to take. All surveys on Survey Junkie are paid surveys in which each survey will award a prize of points that can be redeemed for cash.


MyPoints is yet another survey site offered by Prodege, who also owns and operates Swagbucks.

MyPoints is similar to Swagbucks because they both offer rewards, but the MyPoints site focuses more on surveys as a way of earning points.The site offers paid surveys that you can take and be rewarded with a certain number of points for your time. You can use those points to earn cash or rewards in the form of gift cards, merchandise, and more.

7.Rent out your car on Turo, GetAround or other similar apps.

If you have an extra car sitting in the driveway, you might want to consider renting it out on Turo, GetAround or other peer-to-peer car rental services. You can set your own rates, set a pickup and drop off location and make up to $1,000 per month.

8.Sell your old stuff on eBay or Craigslist

make money teenager online

If you’re like me, you accumulate a lot of junk as time goes on. I have clothes that I don’t fit into anymore, old jewelry I never wear, and other random items that just take up space. One good way to get rid of these items is to sell them on eBay or Craigslist. There are many people who will buy these items in order to use them for themselves or give them to friends.

9.Become a virtual assistant

Being a Virtual assistant is a great way for teens to earn money online. This job is perfect for teens looking for flexible hours, part-time work or just extra cash on the side. Virtual assistants work from home and set their own hours, which means they can attend school, hang out with friends or do chores around the house. Virtual assistants often do administrative tasks such as data entry, word processing, scheduling appointments , and answering phone calls.

10.Sell Your Photos on Shutterstock

Since its founding in 2003, Shutterstock has grown to become the world’s leading provider of licensed photographs, illustrations, and vector graphics. With over 1 million images available and more than 400 million website & app views monthly, Shutterstock is the best marketplace for selling your photos online.

With a wide variety of categories, pricing tiers, licensing options, and an extensive search tool, there’s a lot that Shutterstock has to offer. If you’re interested in making money by selling images through the Shutterstock platform, you should know that all images uploaded to the site are approved by a team of editors before getting published.

The Shutterstock team of editors approve each and every upload to ensure that the quality of content offered on Shutterstock is always at its best, making it easier for buyers to find what they’re looking for.In order to approve an image, the team of editors on Shutterstock will look for various factors, including quality and relevance.

If an upload is deemed appropriate for publication, the photograph will be published in seconds.If your photo was not approved by Shutterstock’s team of editors, you can try resubmitting it with a higher-resolution version or at a different orientation..

11.Become A Social Media Influencer

make money teenager online
make money teenager online

Social media marketing has become ubiquitous in the digital age. As more and more people spend their time online, social media has become a powerful way to reach an audience. But where do you start?There are a number of ways to get started on social media.

You can create an account on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. You can also create a personal blog on WordPress, Tumblr or Blogspot and post content across your social media platforms.As you start to explore social media, remember that the main goal is to build an audience – not just to promote yourself. Build a brand loyal to your voice and personality so people will trust you when you speak about their interests.

12.Edit videos and photos for people on Fiverr

Fiverr is a site where people can offer small services for $5 each. You can find voiceovers, logos, animated videos, and much more. It’s a great place for entrepreneurs on a budget to get professional graphics or content marketing materials without having to spend a lot of money. As a freelancer, you can make a lot of money editing videos and photos for other people on Fiverr. com or

The key to selling on Fiverr is providing the best service possible while staying within your budget and only charging $5 for each one. The downside of this site is that you are competing with many other people who are also trying to sell their services for $5. With this in mind, follow these steps to ensure that your post gets seen and you sell the gig:

1. Start by visiting, finding a suitable category that matches what you are offering, and writing a compelling title for your post. For example, if you are offering to draw a picture of someone’s pet dog, choose a category like “Drawings” and title your post “Puppy Portrait.”

2. Take the time to write a compelling description of what you are offering and how much it will cost. For example, if you are offering to draw a picture of someone’s pet dog, write about your love for dogs, how much detail you’ll include in the final drawing, and how long it will take. You can also offer to make a custom photo book for the pet owner’s dog with some of their favorite photos of their dog on each page.

13.Teach English online with VIPKid or TutorABC

make money teenager online

TutorABC and VIPKid are two of the newest companies in the education industry that allow English speakers to teach English online. With TutorABC, you will have a curriculum to work with, but with VIPKid you get a bit more freedom. You will have to create your own lesson plans. and organize your time according to the needs of your students.

You will not have a curriculum that you teach from. You will have to create lessons on your own. VIPKid allows more flexibility than TutorABC in terms of customizing lesson plans and how you want to schedule them. In this instance, TutorABC would be a better fit for you as its curriculum is more developed and has more structure to it.

Make Money Teenager Online: Conclusion

This article has provided some of the best ways to make money online and how to get started. You can use these methods as a starting point, but feel free to find your own way too.

There are many ways to make money online, and some people may prefer one method over another for various reasons. Hopefully, this article has provided a few ideas to get you started on your journey towards financial independence.If you have any other ideas, please let us know!

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