In this Pictory Ai review, you will learn everything you need to know about this Ai video creation tool including, its pros and cons. By the end, you should know whether Pictory is the right tool to help you create your videos. 

Video is a powerful medium that can provide value to your business. It is an effective way to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and build trust with customers.

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular for businesses of all sizes. This can be attributed to the fact that video has become a key part of digital marketing in recent years. Video marketing provides an opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience in a personal manner that other mediums don’t offer.

Video marketing isn’t just about creating videos, it’s about using them strategically to grow your business.

However, many people are reluctant to show their faces on camera. This should not be a problem for you because AI tools are available to create your video for you.

The use of AI video creation tools like Pictory is becoming more common in the industry. These tools allow for the quick and easy creation of videos without showing your face.

In this Pictory Ai review, we will look at all aspects of this new Ai software to see if it is the right fit for you.


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Pictory Ai Review: Overview

What does Pictory do?

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Pictory Ai Review

Pictory is a video content creation tool that helps content creators create engaging videos. It is designed to help people create videos for Youtube, marketing campaigns, websites, etc. You can also use it as a freelancer to create videos for your clients.

It’s easy to use, intuitive interface makes it effortless for anyone to create professional-looking videos. 

This AI tool can help content marketers to create professional-looking videos in minutes, without having to spend hours on it. 

FOR EXAMPLE: Let’s assume that you want to create an automation Youtube channel where you do not show your face and instead have a video with a voiceover. In order to create your video with Pictory, you first have to write a script.

Once your script is complete, simply copy and paste it into the Pictory software. Pictory will then search for the best videos that match your script and combine them to create a high-quality video that will receive thousands of views on YouTube.

When your video is finished, you can select a voiceover from the Pictory database to read your script. You can select a male or female voice with an American, British, Indian, or Australian accent. These voices sound very human and will improve the quality of your video.

The video below will give you a step by step guide on how Pictory works. 

How Does Pictory Work?

You can CLICK HERE to start your free trial of Pictory, But if you would still like to know the pros and cons involved in using Pictory. Just read ON.

Pictory Ai Review: Pros & Cons

I’ll start with the pros.


Free Trial

The first thing that I would like to highlight as a pro of Pictory is that they provide a free trial. This means that you could simply use the Ai software to see if it is the best fit for you. It is always preferable when a software or program provides a free trial rather than requiring customers to pay in advance. This is because it allows the customer to test all of the features to see if they work. 

Click Here to start your Free Trial. 

Automatically Saves Your Work

The second thing I’d like to mention as a pro that I discovered while using Pictory is that your videos will be secure. Pictory is a web-based software that stores all your videos so you can come back later and edit. Therefore, you do not have to worry that your video will be wiped out once you sign out of the program. In fact, Pictory automatically saves your work as you edit your videos so you can rest assured that your work is safe.

Easy To Use

The third pro that I discovered and liked while using Pictory is that they have a very easy to use dashboard that shows you everything you need to know about creating your video. It’s easy to navigate and you do not need any prior experience. 

The last pro that I’d like to mention about Pictory is that their website “” is 100% secure, as evidenced by the fact that it has a domain name with a “https” prefix.

This indicates that it is a reliable and secure website, which I would consider a plus.


Honestly speaking, I did not find many disadvantages to using Pictory. The main issue I had was that some of the videos generated by Pictory did not correspond to the script. However, this was not a major issue because it is simple to replace the videos with ones that better fit the script.

Pictory Ai Review: Pricing

How much does pictory cost?

Pictory Ai has three pricing plans:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

Pictory can be paid for annually or monthly. If you purchase this software on an annual basis, you will receive two months free.

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  • Standard plan- This plan costs $19/month if paid annually and $23/month if paid monthly.
  • Premium plan- This plan costs $39/month if paid annually and $47/month if paid monthly
  • Enterprise- This plan’s pricing is custom based meaning you will have to contact the company for a full quotation. This plan allows you to create an unlimited number of hours of video and 15, 000 music tracks, which is ideal if you intend to use Pictory for larger organizations.

Pictory also provides a free trial, allowing you to test the software to see if it is a good fit for you.

How long is pictory free trial?

The free trial plan allows you to create three video projects of up to ten minutes each. With these three videos, you can get a good feel for this Ai video creation software as well as judge the output quality.

Following the free trial, you will be required to select a pricing plan. If you are on a tight budget, you can go with the Standard plan which will allow you to create 30 videos per month.

If you are a professional content creator or organization, I would suggest the Premium plan. This plan will allow you to create 60 videos per month. 

*IMPORTANT* As a general rule, it is always preferable to sign up for software that offers a free trial. This means they are so confident in their product that they are willing to let you test it before making a purchase decision. 

Is Pictory The Best Vidnami Alternative?

Vidnami was discontinued after being bought by GoDaddy in 2021. As a result a number of Vidnami users were looking for the best Vidnami alternative that could serve their needs.

Pictory is the best Vidnami alternative because it offers a lot more for a low subscription price than Vidnami did. The following video explains why Pictory is one of the best Vidnami alternatives:

Pictory Ai Review:What Other Users Say About Pictory

Pictory Ai review
Pictory Ai review
Pictory Ai review
Pictory Ai review
Pictory Ai review

Pictory Ai Review: Features

Script to video

Pictory’s ReelFast technology allows you to transform your scripts into stunning videos in minutes rather than hours. All you need to do is paste your script into the software and Pictory will generate a video for you. 

Pictory Ai review
Pictory Ai review

Blog to video

This feature is ideal for personal bloggers and businesses. 

As a business owner and blogger, you should know that video has a huge impact on your business. It is not just about the video itself but also about the content in the video and how it is conveyed. This includes things like visuals, voice, and music. The combination of these three elements is what creates an emotional response in the viewer which can have a big impact on their buying decisions.

Pictory is a powerful Ai software that can generate high-quality videos from a simple script. This means you can paste your blog post into the software and it will create a beautiful video for you to use to promote your blog or business.

Pictory Ai review
Pictory Ai review

Auto Transcribe Videos Into Text

Captions are an important part of any video. They allow for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to watch the video and have access to the same information as everyone else. They are also important because they can help with SEO. By including captions, a video has more chances of being found by search engines and indexed by them.

Pictory allows you to save money and time by not hiring a captioning service or spending hours doing it yourself. It automatically converts your videos into text.This feature is perfect for demos, e-Learning, video podcasts, Zoom calls, webinars, and more.

Pictory Ai Review: Is Pictory good?

Based on everything we discussed in this very detailed article, I believe the answer is an unequivocal YES. Pictory has worked amazingly well for me and a slew of other people, and I don’t see why it won’t work for you. From my experience using it to create YouTube videos, Pictory is one of the best (if not the best) Ai video generators. 

In a nutshell, here are the top reasons why I highly rate Pictory:

a)It’s easy to use

Pictory is one of the most user-friendly Ai video content generators. If you have a script, you can simply paste it and your video will be created automatically. Alternatively, if you want to make a video from a website, simply copy and paste the link into the software, and it will generate a high-quality video. 

b)Amazing Voiceovers

The voiceover industry is evolving with the help of technology. Ai software is now able to produce a more natural sounding voice through the use of synthesized voices.

Pictory Ai is not only able to produce a natural sounding voice, but also has access to a wider range of voices that you can use. So once your video is ready, you can add a voiceover to make your video more engaging. 

c)Saves a lot of time

You can create a video in a matter of minutes with Pictory. Typically, creating videos takes a lot of time because you have to record, edit, create voiceovers, etc. This process could take you days to complete. However, with Pistory Ai, you can do all these things in minutes because the Ai does all the heavy lifting for you. 

Who Uses Pictory?


Marketers have found that video is an excellent way of keeping their brand top-of-mind with customers, especially when they are not actively engaged in social media or email marketing campaigns.

Video marketing is a powerful way to present your company or product in a captivating way. A video can convey complex messages in just a few minutes, which is much more efficient than text and images. Video also makes it easier for viewers to remember the message that you are trying to convey.

Pictory makes it easy for marketers to create stunning marketing videos in minutes.

2.Youtube creators

The number of YouTube channels has grown exponentially in the past few years. There are more than 100 million channels on YouTube and more than 1 billion hours of video is watched each day. The top 100 YouTubers have an average income of $4 million per year from advertising revenue alone, making them some of the highest paid people on the internet.

If you want a share of the cake, you can create Youtube videos with Pictory and grow your audience until you are able to monetize. 

3.Social media managers

Video content is becoming more and more popular on social media. With the rise of Instagram reels, Youtube Shorts, and Tiktok, video content is now being used for storytelling.

This has led to the need for social media managers to also create video content. Currently, tools like Pictory are available to help them create videos for their company’s social media accounts.


Video is a powerful tool for bloggers. It can help to increase engagement and conversions on the blog by providing a more interactive experience for the readers.

Video is an effective way to engage your audience, share knowledge, tell stories and boost conversions.

5.Course Creators

Video is a powerful tool for course creators. It can help them to generate more revenue and drive more engagement.

Course creators are always looking for ways to improve their teaching experience and make it more effective. Video is one of the best ways for them to do that.

6.Vidnami Users

Is Vidnami closed? Yes. After being purchased by GoDaddy in 2021, Vidnami was quickly shut down. If you are one of the users who were left stranded and without a suitable replacement when Vidnami shut down, you’re in luck because Pictory offers you a suitable alternative. 

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