vidbullet review
vidbullet review: Best Video Automated Software?

It takes a lot of time and energy to create videos. But what if you could create videos in minutes with an automated video creation tool like Vidbullet? Continue reading this Vidbullet review to learn more about this new video creation tool. 

Without a question, a good video marketing strategy will change how your brand or business conducts things.

Making video content can be the answer you’re looking for if you’ve been dreaming of a rise in your brand recognition, organic lead generation, and close relationships with your clients. 

Video content gets shared 1200 percent more frequently than text and image-based content combined. Therefore, it is the ideal strategy for companies trying to increase their organic reach. However, it is hard to consistently produce high quality videos for your business.

It can take a lot of money and time to create a high quality video. This includes time spent on video production and editing. This explains why a lot of business owners shy away from creating videos to promote their business. Luckily, there are a number of automated video creation software that are designed to help you create high quality video content without putting in much effort. These videos can help your business to grab customers’ attention right away and spread awareness of your brand on social media and other platforms.

Vidbullet is one such software designed to automate the process of making videos. It allows you to create visually appealing videos in a matter of minutes. In this Vidbullet review, I will highlight the reasons why I believe that this automated video software will do wonders for your business. 

Let’s begin. 

What Exactly Is Vidbullet?

Making high quality videos is much more difficult than creating blog content or image-type content. That’s because it requires skills like video production and editing. 

Most businesses that want to use video content have to hire freelancers. This costs a lot of money especially if you want quality videos.  If you decide to do it yourself, the process of video editing and video production can take days. However, this is where Vidbullet comes in.  

Vidbullet is an automated video creation software that enables you to create high quality videos in a matter of minutes. You do not need to have video production or editing skills to use this software. In fact, Vidbullet does all the heavy lifting for you. 

Who Can Use Vidbullet? 

  • Video marketers- Nobody can match your content creation if you can produce and upload dozens of powerful videos in a single afternoon. With Vidbullet, you can create a content empire to accelerate the growth of your results.
  • Local Businesses- With Vidbullet, you can promote your business and establish yourself as an authority. Gain the confidence of potential clients, patients, or customers, and grab search engines’ attention for greater traffic and new customers.
  • Facebook and Youtube Ads- The most effective kind of advertising is video since it generates higher levels of interaction and conversions. With Vidbullet automated video creation software, you can utilize a tried-and-true engaging approach to creating videos. 
  • Bloggers- Produce dozens of videos in a single afternoon, and add videos to all of your written content. More content increases traffic, and more traffic increases revenue. Enjoy the compounding effects by increasing visitor engagement and time spent on your site.
  • Social Media- You can use Vidbullet to create video content for Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube etc. This will grow your traffic and in the process increase your income
  • Marketing Agencies- You can create high quality video content for your clients with Vidbullet software. 

You can use Vidbullet to produce videos in any niche.

What Vidbullet Entails

The Vidbullet software has adapted a similar video creation style to big media networks like CNN and BBC. These networks are able to create videos that are; 

  • Punchy & Engaging
  • Grabs Attention & Gets To The Point
  • Keeps Focus On What Is Important
  • Don’t Contain Any Distraction
  • Get The Message Across Better Than Anything Else!

This is the same video creation style that famous content creators on Youtube use to successfully create engaging videos. 

Vidbullet has the ability to create videos that require the least amount of time, effort, energy, expertise, and money while still attracting, engaging, and converting viewers better than anything else.

These Videos are short and to the point, with minimal time or attention wasted, for maximum effect.

How Vidbullet Can Help You

As I mentioned earlier, videos are an essential ingredient to your success. With videos, you get;

  • Better engagement
  • Better conversions
  • More attention to your business

Many business owners want to create high quality videos but they go about it the wrong way by;

  1. Spending an exorbitant amount of money on freelancers
  2. Paying too much money for complicated video creation software that they’ll never use
  3. Not creating videos consistently

With Vidbullet, you can quickly and consistently create high quality videos with software that is easy to use. 

Vidbullet Review: How To Use Vidbullet

With Vidbullet, you can quickly and easily produce a video by simply filling out a short form, and it will be generated automatically. You can also add a voice-over to your video. Vidbullet has a large selection of natural sounding voice overs that you can choose from.

Step 1: Select your template

Step 2: Add your text

Step 3: Add Voice over (This is optional)

Step 4: Add Branding (Optional)

Step 5: Preview and Publish

Vidbullet Review: Features

Here are some of the features that you will get with the Vidbullet software;

Guided High Impact Video Bulletins

With this feature, you can create videos that are appealing, converting, and engaging using the most effective video format in the industry. With just a few minutes of work, you can alter your business with the help of pre-made templates that provide guidance on how to create the most powerful video content.

Themed Backdrops and Images

Vidbullet allows you to choose your video’s theme from their sizable backdrop collection. With only one click, You can look for keywords associated with your topic or upload any image you like as your video’s backdrop.

Instant Motion Captions

Captions boost viewership and sales. VidBullet makes adding captions simple. You can easily drag & drop animations to the appropriate location. In addition, you can modify your video’s font and formatting to fit your brand. 

One Click Branding

Vidbullet also allows you to add your logo to your video so it can fit your brand. This branding will also protect your videos from other content creators stealing it and using it as their own. 

Natural Male & Female Voices From Multiple Countries

Most people want to create videos. However, they are not comfortable being in front of a camera or even using their real voice. Vidbullet solves this problem for you so you don’t have any excuse not to create videos from now on. They have a large selection of natural sounding voice overs that you can choose from.

Enhanced Voice Scripting

With the help of VidBullet’s voice-over technology, you can rapidly write down what you want your voice actor to say and then add it to the video. No need for time-consuming editing or reshoots!

Easy Flow Adjustment

With Vidbullet’s simple drag and drop interface, you can quickly change scene timing and reordering. You can create dozens of variations of your video in a matter of seconds which you can use for video ad testing if you are running Ads.

Atmospheric Soundtrack

Vidbullet also offers a variety of royalty free music. Videos that have background music can increase interest and engagement.  Vidbullet offers this royalty-free music on their platform so you won’t need to go anywhere else to search for music to add to your videos. 

Publish to Youtube and Vimeo

Once you click “Publish,” your VidBullets will be ready for traffic. You have the option to automatically submit your videos to your own YouTube and Vimeo channels with VidBullet. Even better, you can optimize your videos so that they start to show up in search results for the topics and keywords you wish.

You Can Create Videos from Anywhere

Since VidBullet is entirely cloud-based, you can work from anywhere, create videos anywhere, and publish them from wherever you are. Everything is saved in real-time, so you never have to worry about losing your work.

High Quality Output

All videos created with Vidbullet are of extremely high quality. Typically, clients are put off by videos that look amateurish. These are low quality videos that look like they were made without a second thought. Such videos make your business seem unprofessional. With Vidbullet, you can always be sure that the videos you make will be of high quality. 

Vidbullet Review: Pricing

vidbullet review
Vidbullet pricing

Vidbullet is very affordable. They offer two plans; Personal and Commercial

  • Personal- This plan costs $47. With it, you get 50 Vidbullet videos per month plus a host of other features
  • Commercial- This plan costs $67 and you get access to unlimited video production. You also get a full commercial license to sell the Vidbullets for profit.

All in all, it is much more cost effective to use Vidbullet for video creation than it is to hire freelancers. 

Benefits of Vidbullet

Drive more traffic to your site- Video is very effective in increasing traffic to your business. The Vidbullet software helps you create high quality, appealing videos so more clients can visit your site. 

Grow your business- With traffic to your site increasing thanks to the Vidbullet software, you’ll get more leads and sales

Effortlessly create videos- With the Vidbullet software, video creation has never been easier. You can create a video in a matter of minutes. 

How To Make Money With Vidbullet

There are a number of ways to make money with the Vidbullet software including;

Building Traffic from Content Creation

You can use the videos created with Vidbullet to increase traffic to your Youtube channel. With VidBullet automated video creation software, you can create a limitless supply of content quickly and steadily increase your traffic.


This is how much money video production and editing freelancers make

vidbullet review

You can sign up to sites like Freelacer, Upwork, Fiverr etc and start making money through video content creation. 

With Vidbullet, you can fulfill an order in minutes at a price of your choosing. Your costs are fixed, and profit margins rise with each new order thanks to the option to make an unlimited number of videos for a single one-time fee.

Make More Money with Your Business

Videos are great marketing tools for your products and services. You can reach more potential customers in less time if you can quickly and easily create high quality videos. 

Vidbullet Review: Conclusion

In a nutshell, here’s what you can do with Vidbullet;

  • Replace An Entire Video Content Marketing & Production Team
  • Create Dozens Of Attention-Getting Video Ads Ready To Test In Minutes
  • Create An Entire Week Of Attention-Grabbing Video Content In An Afternoon
  • Easily Brand Your Videos To Your Business Or Any Business You Work With
  • Automatically Publish To YouTube Or Vimeo To Start Getting Traffic
  • 100% Cloud-Based To Work On Any System & Anywhere In The World
  • Receive Guidance On How To Make Videos More Compelling & Persuasive
  • And much more